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Join the everlasting war between Humans and Vampires


It was back in 1999 when Crystal Dynamics released one of their most known adventure games, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Now Square-Enix has brought back the franchise in digital download format, developed by Psyonix, giving a whole new view point with the release of Nosgoth, a free to play team-based online multiplayer game set in the world of the original game series. Styled as a third-person shooter, Nosgoth brings some of the current popular elements of the videogame industry breaking the former single-player based gameplay of the original saga.

Those gamers who already played one of the previous games of the saga will recognize some of the elements that already appear on the game, such as the different vampire classes and the humans struggling for survival against these dreadful creatures that want to suck their blood. Nosgoth focuses on this war between species giving the player the possibility of joining forces in each faction.

The designs of the stages resemble how Nosgoth was before Kain took over the place with his blood-thirsty army in a kind of fictitious Medieval period.

Technically speaking, Nosgoth presents a well-designed graphical aspect built on the Unreal Engine. Characters can be customizable with different elements that you can purchase in-game, but these items won’t offer any kind of advantage. According to Phyonix’ philosophy, paying in this free game won’t turn it into a pay-to-win title, so you can still download it without any worries. The designs of the stages resemble how Nosgoth was before Kain take over the place with his blood-thirsty army, in a kind of fictitious Medieval Period.

Humans are not inferior to vampires, at least let
Humans are not inferior to vampires, at least let's try this

Humans vs Vampires, dog eat dog

Depending on the side you choose to play the mechanics are a wholly different world. If you pick to play on human’s side, the game turns into a third-person multiplayer shooter basing your main strength on different weapons and aiming skills. In case you play as a vampire, the game turns into an almost Hack ‘N’ Slash title, hunting down the enemy humans with your superior physical abilities. Although it has nothing to do with the original series, this complete change adapts Legacy of Kain to current online trends.

Each race has their own classes that differ on their functions during an online game. Humans include The Watchers, the Scouts that use precision bows and avoid direct confrontation. The Red Sisters of Anacrothe are the Alchemist class that use potions for heal within an area or explosive bottles for massive damage. Finally, the Ironguard, the Hunters that are ruthless warriors vampire hunters with strong abilities.

On the vampire side you will be able to play as a Reaver, from the Clan Dumahin that are quick and skilled killers, using surprise as their main advantage. Tyrants, from Clan Turelim, are strong vampires that use their physical strength for beating their enemies with dangerous dashes and area hits. The Sentinel, from Clan Razielim, are winged vampires that use their mobility for hitting humans without being damaged.

Brute force alone won
Brute force alone won't work

Nosgoth Closed Beta Features

Check the main unique features of Nosgoth:

  • Select between the different game modes available such as Team Deathmatch and Siege, similar to capture the flag with Humans defending points and vampires only taking them
  • Choose between Vampires or Humans, completely changing the game objectives and metagame style
  • Power balanced between the two factions, depending only in your player ability instead of pure character power
  • Gameplay based on online multiplayer PvP (Player versus Player) battles with high teamplay content
  • Free to play title with additional in-game purchase elements for customizing your owned characters
  • Each mistake counts; master the abilities of each class and help your team fighting against the enemies
  • Based on Legacy of Kain series giving the same universe another turn of the screw

In case you want additional details, you can check the before the download of the game.

System Requirements

These are the minimum specifications for running Nosgoth on your computer:

  • OS: Windows XP SP3 or later
  • CPU: 2.0GHz processor Dual Core
  • GPU: NVidia GeForce8800 or ATI Radeon 2900
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 2GB free available space

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